About Chef Maya

Maya's Cajun Kitchen

Maya’s Cajun Kitchen is the home of the Vegan Po’ Boy! Chef Maya grew up in Shreveport, Louisiana eating Creole and Cajun dishes prepared by her grandmother and mother. Maya’s passion for food led to 15 years in the culinary industry and her passion for healthy living promoted her vegan lifestyle in 2016. After she came to realize that there was no Cajun food in Arizona, she became motivated to create her own Cajun twist on amazing vegan food. In 2018, she debuted Maya’s Cajun Kitchen, where she features a variety of classic Cajun dishes.

vegan cajun food from Phoenix ArizonaCobbler - RegularHush Puppies - RegularMacaroni and Cheese (Gluten-free noodle available upon request) - RegularV shrimp PO BOYMesa Vegan Food